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The ‘Most Digitally Advanced Grill Ever’: Konnected Joe Precision

The Konnected Joe ups the ceramic grill game with app-controlled temperature, cooking modes, and meat-probe monitoring.

a red ceramic grill with a hand holding a phone in front of itKamado Joe aspires to another level of precision to the ceramic grill game with the Konnected Joe; (photo/Kamado Joe)
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Ceramic grills are nifty cooking tools with versatility and impressive range. But user-friendly? Not particularly, at least according to grill maker Kamado Joe, which hopes to change that with the launch of the Konnected Joe — a ceramic, egg-style grill controlled by a connected smartphone app.

“Kamado Joe has been committed to delivering a superior grilling experience since the beginning,” Cara Finger, president of Kamado Joe parent-company Middleby Outdoor, said in a press release. “Today, we’re proud to introduce kamado-style cooking to grillers of all skill levels with the Konnected Joe, giving them the confidence and flexibility to use digital controls.”

Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Grill

The first pain point the Konnected Joe will manage for users is getting the darn thing lit. It includes an automatic starting system that advertises less than 15 minutes (claimed) to get coals from cold to hot and ready.

The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe digital interface.
Control temperature and cooking modes from your phone or the digital interface on the front of the grill; (photo/Komado Joe)

Like all ceramic grills, the Konnected Joe relies on a series of vents to reach and maintain its temperature. It heats to between 200-700 degrees Fahrenheit. But ask anyone who’s ever looked up from their cornhole game and seen their brisket roasting away at 700 degrees F — keeping that temp steady can prove difficult.

Again, Konnected Joe’s tech comes to the rescue. Grillers can control Konnected Joe’s various vents and fans through the app. Just set the temp, and the grill does the rest.

Of course, such control means if you overcook your meat, it’s on you and not the grill. But the Konnected Joe even helps in this regard, allowing you to monitor up to three meat probes simultaneously via your phone.

veggies and fish grilling on top of the Komado Joe Konnected Joe.
The Konnected Joe provides versatility and precise control; (photo/Komado Joe)

For the true grill newb, the Konnected Joe offers cook modes designed to help ease the entry point into smoking, searing, grilling, baking, and roasting.

And Komado Joe also includes some signature features, like a slide-out ash drawer and a two-tiered cooking system.

All that tech comes with a healthy investment in your grilling game — the Konnected Joe is available for pre-order now for $1,699. Units will ship in June. The Konnected Joe will also retail at The Home Depot, KamadoJoe.com, and other specialty retailers.

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