‘Overland Under Budget’: Tour This 2001 Tacoma Camper Build

Want to get psyched on your own camper build? Check out this walk-around.

“Totally tight, secure, no flapping sound from the wind.” I wouldn’t describe any truck camper I’ve ever owned that way, especially not one I’ve built myself.

But Overland Under Budget‘s Micah Weber pulled it off with his thoughtful self-built 2001 Tacoma pop-up camper. Want to get some inspiration to do your build? This video is the place to get it. Weber’s thorough rundown of the sturdy creation’s features makes it evident that he knows it intimately.

Knowledge must stem from experience for the self-reliant crowd — Weber clearly displays that he knows about sleeping and living in the camper.

If, however, you want to copycat his camper build, you’ll have to puzzle it out yourself. He’s happy to show you around, but he doesn’t seem interested in holding your hand and telling you what to do. This is DIY, after all: isn’t doing it yourself the whole point?

Runtime: 13 minutes

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