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Flashlight/GPS/Walkie-Talkie… An Ultimate Adventure Gadget?

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It looks like a simple flashlight. But the Fogo has a GPS, walkie-talkie, compass, accelerometer, optical sensor, USB charger, text-messaging capability, distress beacon functionality, and more… all in one small aluminum cylinder.

Yes, it’s over the top. The company, which is in funding on Kickstarter now, dubs it simply an “adventure gadget.”

The Fogo is unlike anything we’ve seen. Fogo was first announced at winter Outdoor Retailer 2015 and we gave it a Best In Show Award. It stood out as an innovation and a great idea with potential to minimize the number of gadgets you need to bring along.

Here’s a breakdown.

Flashlight — The auto-dimming flashlight has a function that causes the light to flash if dropped on the ground, making it easy to find in the dark. There is a move-to-activate feature that makes finding the Fogo in a dark duffle bag a breeze. The 1000-lumen light has adaptive battery settings that let you monitor and adjust how much juice you’re eating up on the go.

GPS It is outfitted with a GPS system that lets a user set waypoints and destinations. A smartphone app allows you to mark points of interest from your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB, or navigate via the small builtin LED screen.

Walkie-Talkie — With the addition of an extra “cap” piece ($50) you can turn the Fogo into a walkie-walkie for voice and text message communication with other Fogos. If you’re in a group, the device has a distress beacon that will alert others via an emergency radio message if it detects a hard crash or fall.

USB Charger — One end of the device has a removable “smart cap” that allows the Fogo to be used as a USB charger. You can swap it out with other caps that add different functions. In the future, the company plans to add a satellite modem, an avalanche beacon, and a laser range finder.

Open Platform — The software is built around an app that will allow independent developers to design their own unique programs. There are already functions to sync it to other smart devices (think heart-rate monitors and fitness apps like Strava).

The designers are currently funding the project via a Kickstarter. Pitching in $175 gets you a Fogo if the project is funded.

An all-in-one gadget for outdoorsy people, the Fogo is one device with many uses for adventure. If it works as advertised, this will be a powerful tool in the outdoors.

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