Crowdsourcing Site To Fund Your Next Expedition

Expeditions are expensive. A new platform will help you raise funds for outdoors endeavors by reaching an audience of fellow enthusiasts.


If you have already tapped out your Facebook friends for help supporting your expeditions, the crowdfunding website Fortua combines features of sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe for outdoor-related fundraising.

Fund Adventures, Charity, Exploration

Fortua is aimed at anyone with an outdoor, adventure or active goal, running the gamut from climbing Mount Rainier for charity to developing an innovative new GPS.

Campaigns are based on specific needs, from capital for a massive siege-style expedition to help with a small portion of a local adventure.

Fortua takes special aim at outdoor pursuits by giving fund-raisers the option to ask for help through donated gear or supplies, volunteer time, or even expert help.

fortua 2

Campaigns Share ‘Insights’

Donors will have access to what founder Joe Walsmith calls “insights” from campaign creators.

Creators are encouraged to post information that might be relevant to donors and their own adventures, including “gear insights, logistical tips and recommendations, preparation and execution tips, insights into what worked well and what didn’t, must sees and must dos based on experience, and other new, useful and compelling information.”

Funding Options

Users have the option of two campaign formats: “all-or-nothing,” in which users must fundraise the full amount to receive it (think Kickstarter), or “keep-it-all,” where they receive everything they fundraise (a-la GoFundMe).

Fortua quietly launched last month. If you’ve got a great adventure planned but are short on cash, it could be a tool to make that dream a reality.