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Packable ‘Firebox’ Made For Outdoors Cooking

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[leadin]A flat-folding metal box brings versatility to backwoods cooking.[/leadin]

folding firebox 1

The G2 Firebox Stove looks simple at first glance, but with a few clever engineering adaptions, the metal box can manage a wood fire heat or hold a gas or alcohol burner.

firebox stove baking

Using the heat produced within, you can boil water, grill or even bake. The video below does a good job of explaining how the various elements of the stove work.

In short, it holds wood for a fire in various configurations, managing combustion through airflow. It has mounts for gas and alcohol burners, and the unit can hold a grill attachment or pot.

Finally, there is a method for holding a pot sideways as an oven.

The Firebox comes in two sizes, 3″ and 5″, and it is priced at $40 and $60 respectively. Additional cooking accessories (grill top, cooking sticks) add to the price.

firebox stove

By ultralight backpacking standards, the unit is not crazy light — 16oz for the 5″ version, 6oz for the 3″ version. But the 3″ model is available in titanium and weighs just 4oz.

The maker claims the smallest model will fit in your shirt pocket.

flat fold stove

For those who spend a lot of time cooking with wood or want a little more control of their stove, this American-made product is moderately priced and looks useful.

Learn more or place your order for one on Kickstarter now.

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