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Hammock Head-To-Head: ENO TechNest Vs. DoubleNest

ENO TechNest Hammock Lounging By Lake
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Hammock maker Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) overhauled the design of its trusty DoubleNest hammock. The result is the TechNest, and after extensive napping…err…testing, we say it’s a smart move for the most part.

ENO TechNest Hammock Bundled

ENO is making lounging even better. We tested the TechNest for months and the DoubleNest for years on camping and backpacking trips as well as just hanging out.

Maybe you’re in the market for a hammock. Or maybe you have a DoubleNest already and are looking for a replacement. Either way, this review breaks down the differences between ENO’s DoubleNest and TechNest hammocks to help you decide.

ENO DoubleNest Vs. ENO TechNest

Hammock Setup

DoubleNest: The beauty of ENO hammocks is quick setup. Find a pair of trees and you’ll be lounging in a minute flat. Just loop the trees with the suspension straps and clip the carabiners. I didn’t think it could get easier.

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TechNest: It’s even faster. The TechNest takes it a step further by moving the stuff sack from the middle of the hammock to the end. Simply put both suspension straps around the trees. Clip your hammock to one, walk to the other and clip. You’re done. It doesn’t sound like a big difference but once you try it you’ll realize this is how life should be.

ENO TechNest Hammock Setup
Setting up the TechNest, the stuff sack is at one end of the hammock

If keeping your hammock out of the mud is a priority take note that having the stuff sack on one end reduces the chance of dropping your hammock on the ground where it’ll get wet or dirty. This helps keep you dry and increases the life of your hammock.


DoubleNest: It’s durable and fairly smooth, the DoubleNest uses a 70D parachute nylon fabric common in many hammocks. You can choose your style as it comes in endless color options.

TechNest: The 40D Nylon Taffeta Ripstop fabric is noticeably smoother and thinner than the DoubleNest and feels great by comparison. There are currently only three color options.

Size & Weight

DoubleNest: The dimensions are 9’4″ long x 6’2″ wide and It weighs 19 ounces. This is roughly standard for any two-person hammock out there.

TechNest: The dimensions are 9’4″ long x 6’2″ wide and it weighs 14 ounces. The lighter, thinner fabric helps cut a lot of weight. The jury is out on its durability. We haven’t had any problems yet after a few months of testing.


DoubleNest: It packs down to 6″x5″ or the size of a grapefruit and has a nice oval shape that makes it easy to get into a full backpack.

ENO TechNest and DoubleNest Hammocks
TechNest (left) is noticeably smaller than the DoubleNest (right)

TechNest: The TechNest packs down slightly smaller than its counterpart and is roughly 4.5″x5″. Having the carabiner on the outside of the stuff sack is both good and bad. It’s no longer a uniform package because the carabiner sticks out, which can make it more awkward to fit into a full pack. At the same time, it’s easier to clip it to the outside of a pack.

ENO TechNest Hammock Magnetic Clips

It’s worth noting that ENO changed the compression straps on the TechNest a bit and, though it’s a small change, it’s noticeably better. The straps that hold the hammock in its softball-sized package are less beefy. Plus, they swapped the buckles for small clips with magnets that give it a more techy feel.


DoubleNest: This is the hammock that helped start the hammock-camping trend. It’s comfy and people everywhere love it for lounging around camp, at the lake, or anywhere they can set it up.

The ENO DoubleNest looks very similar to the TechNest

TechNest: There’s only one difference I can detect when laying in both hammocks. Since the stuff sack is at one and of the hammock you can’t use it as a stash pocket for your phone, headlamp, etc. You also lose the ability to throw that (weighted) sack over you, which holds the hammock in a wrapped “cocoon mode.” It’s not a big deal, but nice if it’s super sunny, windy, or cold. You can still cocoon with the TechNest, it just doesn’t work quite as well without the weighted stuff sack.


DoubleNest: $69.95 at REI

TechNest: $94.95 at REI

ENO TechNest Hammock Lounging By Lake
Relaxing in the TechNest hammock after a hike

From a design standpoint, the TechNest is superior if you can live without “cocoon mode.” It’s lighter, packs smaller, sets up easier, and feels about the same in most use.

Like always, you pay a premium for the improved design and reduced weight. Ultimately, these are two good hammocks, and the new TechNest is a nice update to a classic.

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