Car-Top Tent Made By Poler

Portland-based Poler Camping Stuff wants to “increase your camp vibes” by elevating your tent. How might that work, you ask? Well, as the brand hilariously declares “vehicle + man = van,” and that by sleeping on top of one your camp vibes are significantly increased.

We’re not sure about all that, but the Le Tente does look pretty cool. The newest addition to the brand’s line of pseudo-retro camping gear is made of a waterproof canvas and attaches to standard car rack crossbars.

It should work with SUVs and other cars that aren’t vans (no word on how this affects the camping vibes). Check with the company about compatibility for your specific vehicle make and model before ordering.

Le Tente from Poler Camping Stuff

There’s no need for sleeping pads as the tent has a built-in queen-size foam mattress. Just climb up the ladder and hop into bed. When you’ve found the perfect campsite, pull down the ladder and the tent pops up.

Le Tente folds flat to ride on cross bars

Le Tente is available online now for $1,000. In the words of the brand’s spokesperson, Dr. Dan Douglas, “we put a man on the moon, and now we’ve put a tent on a van. God bless America!”

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor.

Amy Oberbroeckling

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