NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

In The Spotlight: NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

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NEMO Equipment just turned 15 years old. In its relatively short history, the brand made waves with unique designs in sleeping bags, tents, hammocks, camp pillows and more.

Altogether, NEMO is a small company with a big footprint. Because of its passion-driven approach to design, and its support of the people and places that make adventure possible, it’s brand customers can stand behind.

The independent, founder-owned company has a reputation for product innovation and purpose driven, unique design.

Best Selling Products

Fillo Backpacking & Camping Pillow

NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

Fillo is soft and yielding, yet substantial enough for side-sleepers. It is useful in the backcountry, on airplanes, or as lumbar support. It’s big enough for your head but packs surprisingly small.

NEMO Moonwalk Down Sleeping Bag

nemo moonwalk sleeping bagDubbed “the ultimate bikepacking bag,” the Moonwalk Down Sleeping Bag won a GearJunkie “Best In Show” award at Outdoor Retailer’s 2016 Summer Market. The 30-degree bag weighs 2lbs 2oz and stuffs down small. The 700-fill DownTek treated resists moisture, keeping you warm even if the weather turns south.

HornetTM 2P Ultralight Backpacking Tent

NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

NEMO’s Hornet 2P is one of two freestanding backpacking tents with two doors and two vestibules in the NEMO line-up. It weighs in at two pounds or less, providing low weight, livability, and comfort.

Spoon Shaper Nemo Equipment 15th Anniversary
Get Whittling Basics With NEMO Spoon Shaper Kit
Ready, set, whittle! Everything you need to saw, shape, and craft your own spoons all rolls up into the latest offering from NEMO. Read more…

Galaxi 2P & Footprint

NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

The Galaxi carries NEMO quality into a modest price. The $250 tent has lots of mesh for ventilation and strong aluminum poles. This solid car camping option weighs in at 4lbs 15oz. The Galaxi 2P tent is also available in a subdued Earth brown.

NEMO Equipment: Brand Spanking New

Helio Luxury Pressure Shower

NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

Just launched this month, the Helio LX shower is a larger version of the Helio with a couple new upgrades. Unlike conventional gravity-fed systems, the Helio system rests on the ground and is pressurized by an integrated foot pump. It delivers water pressure for showering, cleaning dishes, or rinsing off gear. The LX model has a 5.8 gallon capacity with a seven-foot hose, providing seven to ten minutes of water pressure.

Front Porch 2P Tent

NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

Front Porch is a new approach to tent design, with a massive welcoming canopy great for hanging out under shelter. Instead of setting up a tarp and tent separately, Front Porch combines them into one package. There’s a smaller vestibule out back for storing extra gear.

NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

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Fast Facts:

Founded In:

Nashua, New Hampshire


Dover, New Hampshire


Use brains and creativity to inspire respect for the planet and a love of adventure. The NEMO design team works on three key principles: never bring anything to market that isn’t significantly better than what’s already available; own every detail; be proud of everything you do.

Founder’s Story:

Cam Brensinger founded NEMO just three days after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in Industrial Design. He set up an office in an old textile mill in Nashua, New Hampsire, and began working on the company’s first prototypes. He was 25 years old.

Buying Tip:

Start by understanding your activity. Are you going car camping, where you can afford to bring something heavier to gain comfort, or backpacking, where weight matters most? Prioritize what matters most: weight, comfort, durability in extreme conditions, or style.

NEMO uses DownTek hydrophobic down in its down-filled sleeping bags. This means the down is harder to saturate, making it a better choice for wet and humid adventures.

NEMO Equipment Brand Profile

Fun Fact:

NEMO tests gear in some pretty dramatic ways. In its early days, the brand gained attention from the local news by strapping an airbeam-supported tent to the top of a truck to test wind resistance. Since then, testing became more sophisticated. The brand has a tensile tester, rain chamber, and heat chamber among other testing equipment in its office.


NEMO representatives participate in OIA’s Sustainability Working Group. In 2016, NEMO took its sustainability efforts to the next level, establishing an internal working group and committing to double its efforts by the end of 2017.