$100 Off NEMO Equipment Hornet 2P: ‘Hell of a Deal’

At just under 2 pounds with a host of great backpacking features, the NEMO Hornet 2P is one of our favorites. And now it’s nearly $100 off.

I’ve used the NEMO Hornet 2P on dozens of trips. From epic backpacking in the Grand Tetons to fast overnights in the Gore Range, I’ve loved how this tent protects me from the elements well and weighs just about nothing. It’s proven itself in rain, wind, and on rocky, sharp soil for three full seasons — and it’s still going strong.

Nemo Hornet 2p backpacking tent

If you haven’t used anything from NEMO Equipment, you’re missing out. The team is at the forefront of innovation, whether its Thermal Gills in sleeping bags or the patent-pending Flybar that you find in the Hornet tent.

Here are the specs: The NEMO Hornet 2P is a two-person, three-season tent that weighs 1 pound 15 ounces. But beyond the numbers, the Hornet has awesome features.

For packaging, NEMO uses a dual-stage stuff sack to more easily divide the load between multiple people. There are two large doors, both with vestibules. Volumizing guy-outs connect the inner tent to the rainfly, pulling the sidewalls of the inner tent outward for more living space.

Nemo Hornet 2p backpacking tent

NEMO places white mesh at the sides for privacy but black mesh on top that “turns virtually transparent at night” for stargazing. Last, the patent-pending Flybar pole clip adds more room at the head and distributes fly tension evenly.

This is one advanced tent. And with the sale, it’s more reasonable to purchase.

The only caveat: This is an ultralight backpacking tent. It is snug for two people. If abused, it will tear. Thus, this is really not a good choice for car camping. But for backpackers willing to treat it with relative care, it’s a great option.

NEMO Equipment Hornet 2P Tent: $277 (25% Off)

NEMO Equipment Hornet 2P Tent

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