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Portable Hot Tub For Modern Nomads

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So you’re sitting in the woods, enjoying a cold drink around a crackling camp fire as falling stars streak across the sky — and you’re sitting in a hot tub.

This juxtaposition of luxury and wilderness is now totally possible with the Nomad Portable Hot Tub ($550). And yeah, to answer your question, it’s also a time machine. Sorry, we know you were wondering. Now, back to reality.

The 220-gallon collapsible tub is made of thick vinyl walls and a vinyl floor. At a meager 20 pounds, you could truly pack it in, especially if you’ve got a buddy willing to haul the beer.

Unfortunately, it’s just a “cold tub” unless you also buy the Nomad heater coil for an additional $625. The heater also weighs a hefty 30 pounds, so better just bring the ATV at this point.

The heater works with propane, natural gas (typically for permanent tub installations) or firewood, and it functions without a pump. Water is moved through the system by the “thermo-syphoning” effect created by the heater, the company notes.

The tub diameter measures 60” at top and is 24” high.

In reality, the tub is really only practical for car camping, the RV set, or places with ATV or truck access. It could be a fun attraction for parties or just for lounging on a cool night in a campground or your own property.

Filling it presents a dilemma, as 220 gallons is a lot of water. Nomad recommends using a Honda WX10 or similar portable water pump that is capable of filling the tub in 10 minutes. So that’s another significant piece of equipment to haul and another $500 investment.

Or just slosh in lots of buckets of water, which would do the job eventually. And after filling by hand with 44 bucket-loads, you’ll really be ready for a soak….

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