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REI x Hipcamp Kick Off Summer of Magic Campout Series

The REI x Hipcamp Summer of Magic Campout Series is just getting started — be sure to get on the invite list for your chance to glamp it up this summer!

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Marking 2024’s total solar eclipse, the outdoors of Dripping Springs, Texas, served as the backdrop for a mesmerizing event hosted by REI and Hipcamp. 

This unique gathering, part of Hipcamp and REI’s Summer of Magic Campout Series, brought together 20 outdoor enthusiasts for a special eclipse viewing experience, filled with camaraderie, gourmet camping cuisine, and unforgettable night sky spectacles.

(Photo/REI Co-op)

Night One: Campfire Stories and Starry Skies

Upon arrival at the Hipcamp sites, guests quickly settled in, their anticipation for the upcoming celestial event palpable. The first evening was about connection — both with nature and each other — as attendees gathered around a roaring campfire. 

The crackling wood and flickering flames provided a cozy ambiance for guests to share stories and indulge in classic camping treats like s’mores. One influencer at the event, Caziah Franklin, summed it up: “The evening was perfect for stargazing, and the clear night sky added an extra layer of magic to our gathering.”

(Photo/Caziah Franklin)

Day Two: Eclipse Day Festivities

The following day was structured around the eclipse. The morning kicked off with activities led by REI Experiences and designed to enhance the group’s anticipation and knowledge before the celestial event. As the eclipse began, everyone assembled to witness the spectacle, culminating in a champagne toast at the moment of totality. 

Fun fact: The path of totality saw campers come from all 50 states, and international campers from 30 different countries!

Campers prep for the eclipse.
(Photo/Caziah Franklin)

“Experiencing totality was definitely the highlight,” Franklin described. “It was a profoundly unique experience, and it was an honor to share it with such amazing people.”

Post-eclipse, the celebration continued into the evening with another bonfire, where guests enjoyed more treats and reflected on the day’s extraordinary events.

(Photo/Caziah Franklin)

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for the Summer of Magic?

The success of the eclipse event is just the beginning for the Summer of Magic Campout Series.

Hipcamp and REI are excited to offer upcoming stays on award-winning lands with a focus on agritourism throughout Memorial Day weekend. This initiative not only supports local farmers and ranchers but also promotes regenerative farming practices.

Exciting Perks for Magic Pass Recipients

Magic pass holders can expect a host of exciting benefits in the upcoming events:

  • Gourmet Outdoor Dining: Enjoy a 5-star meal prepared by the REI experiences team and a surprise guest chef, featuring Michelin-inspired dishes with a unique camping twist.
  • Exclusive Stays: Over 30 stays at award-winning farm and ranch lands are on offer, providing a perfect blend of luxury and rustic charm.
  • Additional Benefits: Guests will enjoy perks such as Hipcash, farm-fresh eggs, homemade gelato, and personal encounters with friendly alpacas.
(Photo/REI Co-op)

Get Camping With the REI x Hipcamp Summer of Magic Campout Series

“The Summer of Magic Campout Series is a great way to grow more comfortable going out camping and a wonderful way to meet and share memorable experiences with new people,” Franklin continued. “I was thrilled to be invited to capture this event for Hipcamp and REI.”

REI x Hipcamp continue to innovate in how people experience the outdoors, and the future looks bright for campers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking unique and enriching experiences in nature’s embrace.

All that said, if you’re ready to get on the invite list for the Summer of Magic Campout Series, be sure to head over to Hipcamp’s website to learn more and get your trip lined up.

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