Rooftop Tent Company to Offer Rebate for EV Drivers

Roofnest is now offering drivers of electric vehicles a cash rebate (or free down blanket) when they purchase one of the company’s rooftop tents. 

A new promotion applies to Roofnest tent purchases made by EV owners starting April 1, 2022. If that’s you, good news — Roofnest has made the rebate application process pretty simple.

Starting now, you can claim a cash rebate or a free down blanket —your choice — when you buy a Roofnest to drop on your EV.

Here’s how it works.

Rooftop Tent Rebate Process for EV Drivers

Claiming the rebate is decidedly straightforward:

  1. Fill out the rebate form at
  2. Provide a photo of your Roofnest mounted atop your EV and the original order number associated with your tent purchase

That’s all there is to it. Then, you can choose between $100 cash or the down blanket ($225 value).

Roofnest’s Broader Mission


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According to the brand’s website, fostering EV adoption is high on its list of priorities.

“Roofnest aims to make camping and outdoor exploration more accessible for drivers of electrified vehicles, while simultaneously encouraging more people to adopt EVs,” it stated.

“A sweeping adoption of EVs will help improve air quality across the country, decrease our energy dependence, and slow climate change. Committing to an electric future is simply a first step in broader changes to come at Roofnest.”

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