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Five Big Breaths: All It Takes To Blow Up This Quick-Inflating Camp Pad

therm-a-rest speedvalve mattress test
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When you look at Therm-a-Rest’s new line of SpeedValve air mattresses, it’s hard to miss the gaping ‘hole’ protruding out one end. That hole is what helps them inflate within seconds, a phenomenon that’s best seen in person.

In this video, five breaths was all it took to inflate the 6-foot, 5-inch long, 3-inch thick NeoAir Camper SV air mattress. Using something called Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamics, the SpeedValve mattresses inflate much faster than traditional pads (and deflate almost instantly at the end of the trip).

Therm-a-Rest notes the SpeedValve works because your breath sends fast-moving, low-pressure air through the neck of the mattress “causing the static, high-pressure air outside the mattress to rush in to equalize the pressure.”

therm-a-rest speedvalve xlite max sv

To inflate, you blow air from about 4 – 6 inches from the SpeedValve opening. Stop when the valve begins to bulge. Next, press the straps together, and roll tightly 7 times (yes, exactly that number), much like a roll-top dry bag. Once it’s sealed tight, buckle downward to close.

To deflate, just unbuckle the clip and whoosh, the air rapidly escapes.

The NeoAir Camper SV, Trekker SV, and XLite Max SV make up the new line, which launched this past spring. Specs on each are below:

Therm-a-Rest SpeedValve Line

If you’re in the market for a new sleeping pad this summer, check out Therm-a-Rest’s new line and try it for yourself in any REI store or similar retailer.

therm-a-rest speedvalve

— This article was sponsored by Therm-a-Rest.

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