In The Spotlight: Therm-a-Rest Brand Profile

From inflatable mattresses to tents and sleeping bags, Therm-a-Rest has been building camping gear in the U.S. for more than 40 years.

If you’ve camped for long, there’s a fair chance you’ve slept on a Therm-a-Rest product. Therm-a-Rest is among the first companies to build inflatable sleeping pads. It still makes them in the USA.

Founded on bomber sleeping pads (one of our editors had one last more than 20 years), the brand launched a new line of tents for 2017. Today it also builds camping chairs, sleeping bags, and hammocks, and more products that make a night in the woods more comfortable.

Therm-a-Rest tent

Best Selling Products

1. NeoAir XLite

NeoAir XLite
The NeoAir XLite mattress is warm, comfortable, and light, and packs down smaller than a one-liter water bottle. This is a good choice for the alpinist, thru-hiker, or backcountry minimalist counting every ounce.

2. ProLite Plus

ProLite Plus
The ProLite Plus mattress combines all-season warmth with the convenience of self-inflation. U.S.-sourced, diagonal-cut foam delivers warmth, making it a solid choice for ski touring, cold weather expeditions, and winter camping. It weighs in at 1 lb. 6 oz. in regular length.

3. Z Lite & Z Lite Sol

Z Lite

The Z Lite is Therm-a-Rest’s lightest, most compact closed-cell mattresses. Both the Z Lite Sol and the original Z Lite have an accordion-style shape and heat-trapping dimples. The Z Lite Sol adds a reflective coating that helps capture radiant heat, increasing warmth by nearly 20 percent. It weighs just 14 oz. and costs under $40.

Brand Spanking New

The below are new for 2017:

Questar 20

Questar 20

This down sleeping bag has connectors to integrate the bag with a mattress, and seams designed to trap radiant body heat. Stuffed with water-resistant 650 Fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, and sporting integrated Quilt and Blanket Loops for sleep system customization, the three-season Questar is ready for backcountry adventure. The Questar comes in three sizes for both men and women.

Tranquility Series

Therm-a-Rest Tranquility Series Tents
Built on livability and convenience, Tranquility tents are freestanding, have big windows, high ceilings, and luxuries like pass-through ports for solar/electronic connectivity. We tested the car-camp-friendly tents and found them a good option for summer campgrounds and festivals. Therm-a-Rest offers several models of new tents and shelters for 2017. See our Tranquility Tents first impressions here.

Fast Facts:




Seattle, Wash.


To provide the perfect way to rest and recharge for any adventure.

Buying Tip:

Sleeping-bag fit matters for warmth. Therm-a-Rest breaks it down for you on its blog.

U.S. Manufacturing:

For 2016 about 90 percent of Therm-a-Rest products were built in the United States of U.S. and global materials, the brand claims.

Fun Fact:

Therm-a-Rest uses a cold chamber and a heated manikin to test R-Value and temperature rating.
Therm-a-Rest testing facility