storyteller overland RV acquires GoCamp campervan rental service

Van Life Rental GoCamp Acquired by RV-Maker ‘Storyteller Overland’

An adventure-geared RV manufacturer combines forces with a campervan rental service to elevate and expand the best of both.

After 1.5 years of working from home and social distancing protocols, life in the U.S. seems to be mellowing out. But can the same be said of van life? Evidence that the campervan/road warrior lifestyle is going to keep on truckin’ continues to mount.

Today, adventure van- and RV-maker Storyteller Overland announced its acquisition of GoCamp, a small peer-to-peer van rental company. The combination is expected to pair van life’s most sought-after goods with bespoke travel service beginning in early 2022.

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“Storyteller Overland and GoCamp are a perfect match,” Storyteller Overland founder Jeffrey Hunter said. “We’re both passionate about enabling outdoor adventures through premium camper van experiences and love to foster and nurture the community of outdoor adventurers we serve. We love GoCamp and its unique, highly personalized business model that’s focused on premium vans, and we’re excited to bring the GoCamp experience to a wider audience, both within the Storyteller Overland community and beyond.”

Here’s what you might expect to see from this van life hardware/wanderlust software mashup.

Storyteller Overland Van Meets GoCamp Lifestyle

gocamp peer-to-peer vanlife rental service
(Photo/Tarina Westlund, GoCamp)

GoCamp entered the boutique campervan vacation space in 2017 by way of Portland, Oregon. Since its inception, GoCamp has offered travelers a “curated selection of unique vans” in an Airbnb-inspired vacation rental format. By November 2021, 150-ish GoCamp rentals peppered the western U.S. and included the Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington markets.

Storyteller Overland is a Birmingham, Alabama-based Class B RV manufacturer founded in 2018. The company stakes its claim on innovating the 4×4 MODE series, its flagship campervan. In 3 short years, Storyteller has spread across the eastern and midwestern U.S.

With the acquisition, Storyteller Overland plans to extend GoCamp’s peer-to-peer services to the national level with a Storyteller-made fleet. The rental platform will also add to the suite of services that the automaker provides to Storyteller van owners, including a “factory-endorsed path” for renting their vans through GoCamp.

Stay up to date on the latest developments by following GoCamp and Storyteller Overland on Instagram.

gocamp peer-to-peer campervan rental service
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