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Hockey Puck-Size Product To Save Your Life

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Screw-top aluminum pucks packed with items that “could conceivably save your life” — that’s the premise of Survival Pucks.

The hockey-puck-size kits contain tiny survival essentials to start fires, purify water, treat a wound, navigate the wilderness, or build a shelter in a time of need.

Made by Innovation Industries, a small company in Washington State, the pucks cost about $13 to $18 apiece. Inside are bits and pieces to keep you safe, warm, or hydrated.

The Essentials Puck and its contents

The Essentials Puck, one of six versions from the company, has basic survival tools including a Bic lighter, a small knife, an LED light, whistle, a tiny compass, duct tape, aluminum wire, a pencil, paper, a safety pin, aluminum foil, and 72 inches of paracord.

All this fits in a palm-size puck that’s waterproof and lightweight at 3.5 ounces. It costs just $15.75.

The company sells similarly stocked pucks for first aid, medicine, fire-starting, illumination, and water purification.

See page 2 for photos of all pucks.

The pieces in each puck are basic but of good quality. The container itself, a sturdy waterproof case, slips unseen into a backpack. Its lid doubles as a reflective signal mirror.

I like the idea of these pucks, as they keep all your essentials for a particular situation in one small place. Labels on the outside of each let you see easily what’s contained inside and what situation the puck was made to address.

Each kit is smartly put together, including Potable Aqua brand tablets for water purification. In the Fire Puck, the redundancy of two little lighters and 12 fuel tablets to initiate a flame is a good idea.

The company assembles its pucks in the U.S. Check out Survival Pucks for an easy option for what you need to survive in one compact place.

See page 2 for photos of all pucks…

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