After living in Indonesia following the massive tsunami in 2004, Galen Bench created the TentPak, an integrated backpack and tent product. The company’s product line, which includes backpacks that stash integrated tents, launched in spring 2008. It is marketed as a product for camping and emergency or humanitarian use.

TentPaks weigh an average of 13 pounds. The packs with attached tents are designed for people who don’t have a pack and tent (and don’t care about pack weight). The TentPak system is a low-cost option. Campers could potentially save a couple hundred bucks as opposed to buying a pack and tent separately — though that extra cost sheds a few pounds and will likely up the quality.

TentPak pack and tent

It’s also touted as a grab-and-go pack in emergency situations. Bench came up with the TentPak idea after seeing thousands of people misplaced and living in tents after the tsunami.

The TentPaks are available for between $150 and $375 depending on type of tent and pack size. www.tentpak.com

—Ryan Dionne

Stephen Regenold

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