Therm-a-Rest tent

First Look: Tent Line From Therm-a-Rest For 2017

Endowed with high ceilings and big windows, a new tent line from Therm-a-Rest is a perfect ‘home away from home’ for families, festival-goers, and (dare we say) glampers looking for comfort in the wilds.

Therm-a-Rest tent

Therm-a-Rest launches a tent line for 2017, the Tranquility Series, which includes the brand’s first 6- and 4-person base-camping shelters. Last month, on an island in the Puget Sound, I got a first review.

Unlike other “palace”-size tents I have used, the Tranquility is easy to set up and packs relatively small in its own backpack. The 66-square-foot shelter (six-person model) comes with plenty of mesh pockets and gear loops for organizational needs.

The tents have a unique look. The company notes the line was “inspired by Renaissance-era architecture,” as the tents have a “gothic arch design with a ridgeline that sheds rain, adds strength, and provides headroom.”

Review: Therm-a-rest Tranquility Tents

I lived in the to-be-released tent for three nights last month. I was impressed with its utility — I was able to completely undress and stash all of my dirty, wet clothes and shoes under the protected vestibule prior to getting inside.

Before I stepped into the tent I was able to stash my dirty shoes and air out my dirty and wet clothes in the outer mesh pockets of the protected vestibule.

I found this “mud room” to be very useful, especially because I was sharing the tent with someone I didn’t know well (and didn’t want to offend them with my funk!).

inside tent

The interior has even more mesh pockets and gear loops, which I used to hang my lights and compartmentalize all of my gadgets, clothes and toiletries.

I “lived” in this tent for three nights but could easily have made it my home. With a tent this roomy, functional and comfortable, coupled with a beautiful setting, it beats city living any day.

Easy Setup (For a big tent)

I especially liked how easy it was to set up and tear down the tent. With a such a big tent, I was certain it was going to take multiple people to set up. Within three minutes, however, I did the job on my own.

According to the company, the main difference between this tent and other “base camp” offerings are easy setup that can be done by one person (we agree), and simple rainfly management with a hook/toggle design.

Tents pack up into included backpacks
Tents pack up into included backpacks

The entrance area, as noted, was made to keep things clean, including big zipper doors, outside pockets and gear loops, and corner shoe mats.

The tents are freestanding even without stakes. The vestibules are created by the tent body, not by the rainfly, and an A-frame design increases height and strength. (They are about 76 inches high inside.)

The company sells accessories for creating a “front porch” area with the addition of awning poles. The company will also launch a large, open shelter for using in campsites. It’s called the Arrowspace Shelter (pictured below).

Tranquility Tent For 2017

Packed up, the Tranquility 6 weighs about 17 pounds and, as noted, comes with its own backpack. I was impressed how small it packed up given the tent size — other tents this large take up half of my trunk space

camp shelter

The Tranquility 6 tent goes on sale in 2017 for $599.95. Give it a look if you want more comfort, more space, and a “gothic” aesthetic that’s sure to turn heads at the campground next summer.

–See more about the 2017 Therm-A-Rest tent line on the company’s blog.