Tentsile diving

Portable Treehouse, New Suspended ‘Tentsile’


Tentsile diving

You likely have seen the original Tentsile Stingray, a suspended tent that, while expensive, is a lust object for many lovers of the outdoors.

The company has given its original design a makeover. The second product by Tentsile, the Connect, is now on the market with its own set of lust-worthy traits.

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The Connect is a 2-person suspended tent that can be used with a full rain cover, mesh alone or without covering as a uniquely shaped hammock. It can be attached to other Connects, creating an Ewok-worthy sky community of mini tents.

An additional rain cover can be used to waterproof the space between tents for a huge group camping cover.

Three Connects set up as group by the campfire

The Connect is lighter than the Stingray, with a single two-person tent weighing in at a still-heavy 16.1 pounds. It is also $150 less expensive than the Stingray at $600.

It includes a ratchet and straps, poles, mesh body, fly and floor. The Connect can hold up to 880 pounds.

Looking out from a single Connect

The company claims that the Connect’s shape makes it easier to find the appropriate arrangement of trees than the original Stingray.

Two people in a single Connect

So if you’re looking for a tree house to take on vacation and a fun car camping option, check out the Tentsile Connect. It’s a pricey, but very cool suspended tent that’ll have you sleeping a little closer to the clouds.

Three linked Connects, seen from above

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