Want to Really Know ‘How to Camp?’ Ask These Kids

Want to organize an epic outdoor vacation with your family/kids? Make sure you check off this list first.

In a short, sweet, and succinct video, two outdoor experts and kid sisters (Olivia and Ella) explain how to go camping, and how to do it right.

Based on their own camping experiences, here’s what you should make sure you pack into your next family excursion outdoors:

  1. Get outside. Get away from society, work, phones. Enjoy nature. (This one is a given, sometimes easier said than done.)
  2. Take lots of pictures. Document those memories! Your kids may not appreciate them in the moment, but they will want those photos later.
  3. Stargaze. Whether that’s from a tent, hammock, or maybe campervan with a skylight. Olivia and Ella remind us to soak in not just the stars, but the pitch-black sky and the moon too.
  4. Don’t take time outside for granted. Don’t spend your trip wishing you were home, somewhere else (maybe with nicer weather), or that your trip was longer. Savor the moment. Appreciate being there, because the next thing you know, you’ll be packing out.

We’d add a few more tips, like don’t forget to pack the 10 essentials and lots of snacks. But really, that’s it.

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