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First Look: Trono ‘Cushion of Air’ Camp Chair

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The humble camp chair gets an inflatable upgrade this year. Our contributor lounged on air for a weekend to test a cushioned seat unlike any other.

Trono inflatable camp chair
The author full-on testing the Trono

You may remember those “inflatable hammocks that gained popularity in 2016. They promised the comfort of a traditional hammock but via an inflatable perch – no rigging or trees required.

This year, a brand called Trono created an adaptation of the concept. Its chair takes cues from this weird genre, though with a different shape. Now you can sit up and lounge on a cushion of air.

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In short: After two days testing, I was mostly satisfied with the Trono. While its claims of quick setup are a little misleading, it does offer a unique and comfortable camp-lounging option.

Read the full review and watch my quick rundown of the pros and cons below.

Trono: Inflating Your Camp Chair

The big selling point for the Trono: No pump is required. The Trono Chair is built upon the same idea as inflatable hammocks – grab the wide opening, spin around, and hope you can catch enough air to half-fill the thing.

Trono inflatable camp chair
Roll-top opening is where you ‘scoop’ the air inside to inflate the Trono

It took a few tries, but I got it. Best to move fast and scoop at the air a couple times, then quickly close the roll-top opening. You’ll probably require a few tries before getting the rhythm.

Once ready, Trono says the chair can support up to 330 pounds. Zip on the included water-repellent suede cover, and you’re ready to lounge.

There’s a bottom protector for an additional $22. It keeps the air-filled chair safer from rough stuff on the ground.

Overall, it takes practice to set up the Trono. In fact, expect it to take about as long as your standard tree hammock, even when you’re good at it.

Trono inflatable camp chair
Zip-on suede cover gives comfort

Review: Trono Camp Chair

Trono touts its product is more convenient and comfortable than other camp chairs or hammocks. While that might be a stretch, it’s not an unwarranted claim.

The chair weighs about 1.7 pounds, and it packs down into a fairly small bag. You can take it practically anywhere.

Trono inflatable camp chair
Packs up relatively small for transport

Not to mention, it’s actually really comfy. Lean back and enjoy the cushiony support.

I sat for a few hours over a weekend around a campfire, and also used the chair while eating and hanging out.

Who should buy this product?

Almost nobody is going to be caught dead on the trail with a nearly-2-pound chair in their pack.

But the Trono does have a place in this world. It’s perfect for car camping, the beach, or for an extra seat around your backyard fire pit.

It’s compact enough to store under the seat in your car for a comfortable chair in virtually any situation.

Trono inflatable camp chair
Great for lounging at camp

The Trono Chair will set you back $70, which is about par in the realm of lux camp chairs and most hammocks.

Sure, you might feel a little silly inflating and sitting in it. But you’ll get over it after you realize just how comfy the Trono truly is.

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