A Climber’s Dream: Send a Project in Your Sleep

‘Climb Your Dreams’ is a short climbing film about a climber and his greater role in the outdoor community: as a person of color, a climber, and more.

You wouldn’t think that a New York subway could be the start of a rock climbing film, but it is. In this short directed by Josh Greenwood, a climber wanders onto a subway, falls asleep, and is transported to the outdoors. There, he does his favorite thing: climb.

It’s a blurry trip of a video: a hazy dream sequence, a voiceover narration, and a slow hum of sound. “My soul has grown deep like the rivers,” chants the narrator as the climber approaches a crag and chalks up. At first, you don’t notice the subtle, deeper meaning. Then you do.

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The climber, Raheim Robinson, is a person of color. He, along with the film director, specifically produced this short to highlight people of color in the outdoor space — to give them representation, to address diversity in the outdoors.

A step beyond that, the narration is a reading of Langston Hughes’ “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” a poem with a dream-like quality to it. It’s only a 3-minute glimpse into this climber’s dream, reality, and mental headspace, but it’s enough to make us want to share.

“Climb Your Dreams” premiered at Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2019.

Mary Murphy

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