First Ascent Of Infamous ‘Nipple Route’ Thwarted By Love

Cedar Wright and Andy Kirkpatrick narrate what some may call the greatest tale to come from 2016’s “youngest athletes.” Prepare to laugh.

The first ascent of the Gigglehorn and Diaperspiel were unprecedented climbs for sub-sixth-month-old baby, Shelby. These were groundbreaking, only until newcomer, and also sub sixth-month-old baby, Reyka, came into the picture.

Eric Becker’s reportedly created this latest film ‘A Higher Crawling’ in one day of filming and five hours of editing. Babies Reyka Francine McDowell and Shelby Townes Becker star with narration from accomplished climbers Cedar Wright and Andy Kirkpatrick.

Watch and laugh as the film pokes fun at the absurdity of young athletes, and babies being babies.