Is Adam Ondra the Favorite for Climbing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Climbing is a new addition to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Adam Ondra, who has repeatedly climbed the world’s hardest outdoor routes, sets his sights on training for the games.

“The Road to Tokyo” profiles Ondra as he shifts focus to gym training and competition climbing. The Tokyo games are the first Olympics to feature climbing.

In 2020, climbers will compete in three disciplines for an overall score. Lead climbing, bouldering, and, most controversially, speed climbing all combine to rank the athletes.

Ondra, undoubtedly the world’s strongest climber, has climbed multiple 5.15c sport routes, V16 boulder problems, and the only 5.15d-rated climb. But it’s been some time since he’s focused on indoor competitions.

We’re excited to see how he performs in 2020.