Watch: Alex Honnold Answers Twitter Questions

Watch as the superhuman ‘Free Solo’ climber proves he can do a pullup and answers your burning rock climbing questions.

Do all rock climbers live in vans? Once you get to the top, how do you get back down? Why do the yellow holds suck so bad? The Twitterverse asks, and Alex Honnold answers.

We learned we might see him at the Olympics and that sneezing while free soloing is no big deal. Take 10 and watch with the sound on. Because on top of having superhuman climbing abilities, Honnold is also just so darn likable.

Free Solo Alex Honnold
Watch: 'Free Solo' With Alex Honnold in 360-Degree Video

National Geographic released footage of Alex Honnold free soloing El Cap. While it isn't the documentary film, the camera angle allows you to 'climb' alongside him up one of the most daunting big walls in climbing. Read more…

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