Heroes In Action: Watch Complete Rock Climbing Helicopter Rescue

Want to know what goes into a mountainside rescue? This POV video shows it all.

Posted by Banff climbing guide Mike Barter, the video shows an entire rescue from helicopter takeoff to loading the victim in an ambulance. It’s a remarkable story and one that makes us even more thankful for the first responders who put their lives at risk to save others every day.

This accident took place in 2010, but the video just released. According to the accident report, two climbers were on Dan’s Delight, a 5.6-rated multi-pitch, on Bankhead Buttress on Cascade Mountain near Banff, Alberta. One climber was hit by a rock while leading the fourth pitch, which resulted in a 65-foot fall. One piece of protection ripped out on his descent. His belayer arrested the fall, but not before the climber injured his leg and neck.

Banff Park Emergency Dispatch answered the call and immediately got to work.