Vibin’ Out and Sendin’ Routes (or Boulders) With Brooke Raboutou

Bouldering in Ticino, Switzerland, would be really chill — cool blocs, Swiss locals, beautiful scenery, goats — if the climbing wasn’t so damn hard.

For Brooke Raboutou, “hard climbing” isn’t the same as it is for many of us mere mortals.

Digest this clip, set to a chill soundtrack, from the Mellow crew to catch some weekend-y feels. Watch Raboutou send a handful of classic Ticino boulder problems in the V12-14 range.

The caption characterizes the climbs as “fights,” but we’re pushing back on that. Her style, as ever, is as liquid as it is precise as it is beastly. She clearly tries super hard, but there’s no need for what we’d call fighting — Raboutou just vibes.

Runtime: 10 minutes

brooke raboutou
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