Canadian Teen Sends Grueling V14 Test Piece in Squamish

Brennan Doyle, 17, just added an amazing climb to his tick list.

Brennan Doyle just climbed “The Reckoning” bouldering route in Squamish, British Columbia, graded a V14. The 17-year-old racked up a few first ascents even this season, but topping out on this route was especially noteworthy.

Doyle regularly climbs “just a lot of V12” across Squamish and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The Reckoning is the most numerically difficult boulder problem in Squamish’s Top 100 and the test piece at Squamish’s North Wall Bouldering Area.

“After linking the moves in the summer and all but topping it out, he came back and finished it off in November,” wrote Kanadasouth in the video description.

The 3-minute video follows a few of Doyle’s attempts, and an added edit sequence shot in black and white. has not yet added the route.

The amateur film was edited by Finn Battersby.

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