‘Dundee’ Brings Laughter to Climbing Film Culture

Full of intense music, the ‘Dundee’ climbing film trailer is misleading — it’s actually a parody film trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist.

In the world of climbing, films about climbers breaking grades, climbing routes the fastest, or climbing harder projects are common. But with this latest film trailer project, a six-person team moves to shatter that trend with a light-hearted parody.

The trailer for the film (which we wish existed) follows climbers Carey DeVictoria-Michel and Mallorie Estenson as they struggle with a climb. Then they discover the “missing beta” and go back to conquer the climb.

Climbing isn’t all about the best gear, the craziest falls, or the nicest shoes. It’s about activity and enjoyment. “Sometimes we need to take the sports we love a little less seriously,” said producer Freya Fennwood on Facebook.

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