Youngest Ever to Climb 5.14d Is This Ripped 12-Year-Old

Objectively speaking, young people are the future. This pre-teen climber just so happens to be living there already.

Climbing 5.14 is pretty hard. Watch someone do it, and the reasons why quickly become obvious. Steep cliffs, small holds far apart; it’s pretty academic.

Some people spend their lives trying to do it, and some never get there. But one climber got the job done before his 13th birthday.

Gianluca Vighetti clipped the chains on “Un Vento Nuovo” (9a/5.14d) last September and became the youngest person ever to climb the grade. Learn how he did it (beyond simply using his preternaturally shredded shoulders and lats, plus impeccable technique) with EpicTV.

Runtime: 31 minutes

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