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Crush Real Rocks With Bouldering Specialist Jimmy Webb at Tahoe Retreat

Want to crush blocs in Northern California like Jimmy Webb and the Mellow crew? Then check out The Ultimate Lake Tahoe Bouldering Retreat.

Jimmy Webb sharpened his sword as one of the United States’ strongest boulderers in a pretty hot fire — the big, remote granite erratics around the Lake Tahoe, Calif., area.

Webb has built a reputation as something of a hybrid between a gym rat and a spirit climber. The Tennessee native proved himself willing to bushwhack virtually any distance to find mega-hard problems to throw down on — but also psyched to deploy any training methods necessary for cutting-edge sends.

Now, he primes himself to open the treasure chest and share his wealth of pebble-wrestling knowledge.

At the Ultimate Lake Tahoe Bouldering Retreat, you can join Webb and fellow crushers Hannah Donnelly and Zach Fletcher for 4 days and 3 nights of bouldering stoke. Lakefront accommodations are on deck for the duration of the camp, which runs Oct. 8-11.


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While you’re there, head coach Webb and his cohort will do their best to “help you take your climbing and training to the next level.” Training at a private indoor gym facilitated by Fletcher’s Adventure Fit Dojo anchors the performance aspect. But campers can also benefit from outdoor climbing and one-on-one coaching sessions with the de facto senseis.

Accommodations at the retreat are all-inclusive, so three catered meals a day come along with your beachfront digs. Organizers have arranged a fully private beach area for retreat goers.

Fletcher said the group will tour “Tahoe’s best bouldering,” which is certifiably mega if you don’t know.

Sponsored giveaways complete the haul for entrants. Some proceeds from ticket sales will go to Lake Tahoe nonprofit South Shore YEA!, which sponsors camping and guided trips in the Sierra Nevada for kids in the area.

Webb’s coaching is highly recommended by V12 Tahoe climber Adam Wernham, aka @kdubzubz.

“Jimmy’s understanding of movement and his ability to spot the changes needed in other climbers’ technique is unparalleled,” he said. It’s unclear whether he’s in the lineup of “special guest coaches” Fletcher referred to, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he made an appearance.

Check it out at Adventure Fit Dojo’s website. The all-inclusive retreat stay will cost you $1,995.

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