Stefano Ghisolfi Announces It’s ‘Game On’ in Flatanger in Latest Update

Today is Thursday, and as promised, Stefano Ghisolfi returns to YouTube with another progress update on ‘Silence,’ 5.15d.

Is Ghisolfi close to sending the world’s first 5.15d/9c rock climb? Spoiler alert: nope. But he does have his tactics in order.

The Italian rock climber unveils his “Silence” simulator in the latest video in the series that will track his progress on the historically challenging route. After a few minutes on the board, the action shifts to the cave.

To cut to the chase: how close is he?

“I can finally see promising improvements on this challenging climb,” he states in the YouTube description. But, he acknowledges, the rig still doesn’t look like it’ll go down easy.

Runtime: 14 minutes

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