Watch Alex Honnold Try (And Fail) in VR Climbing Game

What happens when you ask one of the world’s most accomplished climbers to try a VR climbing game? Hilarious one-liners — obviously.

“Can you fight the snake?” Alex Honnold asks before reaching for the rattler on the cliff ledge above him.

True to the game’s realistic (ahem) simulation, the snake bites Honnold’s climbing avatar, who immediately falls to his death.

“If you saw that in real life, you would shit yourself,” Honnold says. “That’s the biggest rattlesnake of all time.”

Watch this famed free soloist bring his characteristic deadpan humor to a playtest of VR game “The Climb 2.” We could say more, but why ruin the fun? Just watch and enjoy.

Runtime: 4.5 minutes

Alex Honnold
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