Portaledge Concert or Self-Care Routine? Watch This Crooning Climber

Has a portaledge ever had so many guitar pedals on it? Watch this climber record a Tiny Desk-worthy performance in a rocky workplace.

A lover of both music and climbing, Lillian Frances decided on a new kind of venue for her latest performance: the side of a cliff.

Frances has recorded several times for NPR’s well-known Tiny Desk concert series. But for her latest song, “Gravestone Feel,” the singer-climber assembled a small crew to help her record from a portaledge in the great outdoors.

“Babe, you know I got that gravestone feel,” Frances sings as the camera pans around to show off the gorgeous valley below.

If you needed another reminder that climbing has taken a place in popular culture, don’t miss this.

Runtime: 9:04

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