Watch: Climbers Embrace Local Culture in Himalayan Village

A new mini-documentary from Five Ten explores the importance of respecting local culture while developing a climbing area. Follow the legendary Bernd Zangerl as he helps open new boulders in the village of Rakchham, India.

The world of outdoor sports has become increasingly aware of its impact on local communities and on the landscape itself. To that end, the latest documentary produced by Five Ten tells the story of Rakchham, a village in Northern India surrounded by gorgeous granite boulders.

For 10 years, famed boulderer Bernd Zangerl has been quietly developing a “world-class climbing area” just outside the village. His goal is to create a sustainable model for development that works in tandem with locals.

The video relies primarily on interviews with Rakchham residents to tell the story of their home and culture — often through poetic language.

As one Rakchham native says of the climbers who come there: “So all we can guess is that maybe in our past lives we lived in their place and they lived in ours. Now, by the same turn of fate, we’ve met again. A gift from our past lives that our love for each other continues.”

Runtime: 22 minutes

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