Crash Pads & Crack: Pete Whittaker Tries the World’s Hardest Crack Boulder

In this footage, the lean and mean crack king attempts to wrangle the third ascent on a burly V13 boulder problem established by his Wide Boyz co-conspirator.

Ah, “The Kraken”: a 40-foot-long horizontal roof crack and England’s proudest boulder.

At V13, the jammy test piece is the world’s hardest crack-style boulder to date. So, it should come as no surprise that Wide Boyz‘ own Tom Randall is responsible for authoring it back in 2015. Plenty of folks have tried “The Kraken,” but only Alex Waterhouse managed to repeat it.

So, can good ol’ Pete pebble wrestle his way to a triumphant third ascent? See for yourself.

Runtime: 13 minutes

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Jilli Cluff

Jilli grew up in the rural southern Colorado mountains, later moving to Texas for college. After seven years in corporate consulting, she was introduced to sport climbing — and life would never be the same. She now works as a contributor, gear tester, and editor for GearJunkie and other outlets within the AllGear family. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia where she takes up residence with her climbing gear and one-eared blue heeler, George Michael.

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