World’s Longest ‘Dyno’ Is Either Climbing or Parkour (Or Both)

Sometimes, a dyno is the easiest way for a climber to get between two holds on a route. Sometimes, it’s got nothing to do with climbing at all.

How far is the world’s longest dyno? Turns out, it’s pretty far. Watch this parkour athlete make big jumps on the wall look like playthings, and then spring toward a world record.

Dyno competitions are attractive for obvious reasons: high-flying, goofy, and sometimes improbable. Watching top athletes do it is similar to watching a dunk contest. Along the way, you’ll see some wicked slams, bending of the rules of athleticism and coordination, and, maybe, groundbreaking successes.

Watch these two gym rats try to jump out of the place.

Runtime: 13 minutes

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