Cody Townsend to Ski All 50 Classic Descents in North America: Watch

Nobody has ever skied all 50 classic ski descents in North America. Cody Townsend plans to do just that. This video kicks off a series with a descent off Denali.

“The FIFTY” is Cody Townsend‘s new series. He will attempt to ski a new descent every two weeks, with videos for each line. This one starts with a bang, as Townsend skis one of the hardest couloirs to reach: the Messner Couloir on Denali.

cody townsend ski rescue
Cody Townsend, Bjarne Salen Rescue Skier After Near-Fatal Fall in Couloir

After descending a dramatic ski line, Cody Townsend and┬áBjarne Salen saw a skier plummet down a cliff face nearby. If it weren't for them, this fallen skier may have died. Read more…