Cody Townsend, Bjarne Salen Rescue Skier After Near-Fatal Fall in Couloir

After descending a dramatic ski line, Cody Townsend and Bjarne Salen saw a skier plummet down a cliff face nearby. If it weren’t for them, this fallen skier may have died.

As part of Cody Townsend’s “The FIFTY” project, he and his partner Salen made a descent of the dramatic Joffre Peak in Pemberton, British Columbia. You can view the whole episode of their descent below.

But once the duo completed their line, Townsend saw a skier fall down a nearby couloir. Acting quickly, the pair enacted a rescue plan. Townsend outlines the rescue in a very detailed manner in this video. Thankfully, the injured skier lived after this close call.

‘The FIFTY’: Cody Townsend’s New Project

Townsend aims to descend all of North America’s 50 classic ski lines as part of his project. He intends to video document them all and has already made seven episodes. This recent video was by far the most intense.

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