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Down Chair Warmer, AI E-Bike, Canine Running Vest, and More Emerging Gear

Whether you’re still looking for winter gear — or already planning your next e-bike upgrade — this week’s emerging gear has something for you.

emerging gear featured helinoxHelinox's new chairs (with down material) will keep your booty warm while chilling near those winter campfires; (photo/Helinox)
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Skis, bikes, and gear, oh my! Here you’ll find the freshest new outdoor gear to hit the market. This go-round, we’re looking at several limited-edition skis, titanium cookware, wood-burning stoves, and much more. Allow Emerging Gear to be your guide. Here you’ll find the freshest new outdoor gear to hit the market.

Go forth and adventure, my friends. (Or just sit comfortably by the campfire. Your call.)

Smalo’s AI-Powered E-Bike

AI gives you a lift on the Smalo LX2 and (pictured above) PX2; (photo/Smalo)

This e-bike comes with a robot buddy! Or that’s my take on AI-powered tech that adjusts pedal-assist and gear-shifting “in real-time,” according to Smalo — the company behind this next-generation bike.

The brand dropped two new models: the LX2 and PX2 ($2,980 and $2,880, respectively). The main difference is that the LX2 has both an automatic pedal-assist adjustment function and an automatic gear-shifting function, while the PX2 only has the former.

Both e-bikes offer up to 73 miles of range with pedal assist, and they recharge fully in just 3.5 hours using the fast charger.

My question is: When do the self-driving electric bikes get here? We’re waiting, Elon.

Fischer Curv GT Skis

Find four new models in the Fischer Curv series; (photo/Fischer)

Fischer just unveiled the latest additions to its Curv series, consisting of four ski models, including the Curv GT 85, Curv GT 80, and Curv GT 76. The Curv GT line comes with a redesigned top sheet, which the company said adds durability and scratch resistance. That makes these bad boys suitable for either groomed slopes or challenging terrain.

A fourth model (Curv GT 85 Redefine) aims for eco-conscious skiers by incorporating sustainable materials. Those will cost about $1,200, while the other three models are priced between about $700 and $975.

Ultimate Direction Dog Vest V2

No matter how cute a dog is, everybody looks better with a vest, right?

Ultimate Direction packed features into its new doggie vest, which comes in multiple sizes, a wide range of adjustability, and an updated harness fit. Dog Vest V2 ($80) also has multiple zip-secure pockets with expansion and cinch compression, as well as a collapsible dog bowl and treat pouch. So, it might be a glorified way of turning Fido into a pack animal — but it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Faction x Alex Hall Limited-Edition Skis

Alex Hall edition skis from Faction; (photos/Faction Skis)

Meet the Studio 1 Alex Hall Limited-Edition Ski: a tribute to freestyle skiing icon Alex Hall.

The ski’s topsheet features a colorful collage of vintage VHS-grain still frames from “Dad and Homies 1975,” showcasing the classic style and massive airtime of Alex’s father and his crew.

Clearly, the apple didn’t ski far from the tree.

This limited-edition run is limited to just 250 pairs globally. Buy your pair on the Faction website for $749.

Handup Gloves’ Super-Stretch Denim Jeans

New stretchy jeans from Handup come in blue and black; (photos/Handup)

Rejoice, stretchy fabric lovers! You clearly bought enough of Handup’s jorts — because the company has now gone truly crazy, making an actual, full pair of jeans.

Handup drops its Super-Stretch Denim Jeans after “the success” of the Stretch Jorts. The new jeans feature “four-way” stretchy denim, a tailored fit cut with ample room, five pockets, and double-stitched belt loops.

For $69, they sound like a pretty good deal. They come in two colors: blue or black.

East Oak Brasa Wood-Burning Stove

Starting in February, the East Oak Brasa Wood Burning Stove will come in several colors; (photo/East Oak)

Looks like the wood-burning stove market is really … heating up. (Terrible, I know.) NorCal-based company East Oak just dropped the Brasa Wood-Burning Stove, a possible competitor to the proven products from Solo Stove.

Like that brand’s trusty little stoves, the Brasa is a mini tabletop fire pit meant for “intimate patio events,” or in other words, après parties.

It’s made with rust-resistant stainless steel and aluminum, and it supposedly offers a 3.5-foot heat radius. A smokeless design aims for clean, odor-free fires, and bottom air inlets enhance oxygen intake, ensuring a longer, more robust burn. A range of colors will be available starting in February 2024.

At $76, the Brasa Wood-Burning Stove comes in just a bit cheaper than the Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit from Solo Stove.

Helinox Seat Warmer Down

Stay toasty with the Seat Warmer Down, right, and the Reversible Seat Warmer Chair One; (photos/Helinox)

A camping chair with an insulated seat cushion? Um, where do I sign?

A handful of new seat covers from Helinox promise a comfy, warm booty by putting down material down under your derriere.

For $80, the Seat Warmer Down will add “the perfect dose of cushioning and warmth to your seat.” Cheaper options in the line include the Reversible Seat Warmer Chair One for $60. There’s also an option for a high-backed chair, and the existing, OG non-down Seat Warmer for $40.

While a warm patoot cushion seems amazing, I’ve got to wonder how well this will work in practice. Down loses a lot of its insulating magic when compressed — so we’ll withhold judgment until we can actually try it.

MSR Cookware: Sporks, Mugs, and More

Sipping on MSR’s new Titan Cup around the campfire; (photo/MSR)

For $15, this had better be the best spork of all time. But since it’s MSR, that’s likely what you can expect. The beloved camping brand launches several handy new items for those who love the special difficulties posed by cooking without a kitchen.

The 2024 lineup of titanium gear includes the Titan Double Wall Mug ($50), Titan Long Spoon ($18), and Titan Spork ($15). If you’re looking for ultralight, high-quality outdoor cooking gear, you’ve found it. But don’t wait too long — the mug was already sold out on the MSR website as of press time on Jan. 18. MSR also announced updates of its Titan Kettle and Titan Cup to make them more packable and reliable.

blackcrows Ghost Resort Limited-Edition Capsule

If you love artsy ski films, you might already be familiar with the ones from French ski brand blackcrows. Its series Ghost Resorts continued with the Jan. 9 premiere of Ghost Resorts: Japan.

In the episode, Celeste Pomerantz and Daisuke Fukasawa explore “deserted infrastructures, cables frozen in the shadow of joy and tons of light Pacific powder.”

Yesterday, the company also dropped a limited-edition ski capsule inspired by the film. The collection includes Ghost Resort Draco Freebird skis ($1,200), Ghost Resort Duos Freebird Poles ($195), and Ghost Resort Dorsa 27 X-Pac Backpack ($325). A chic, black-and-white color scheme is both classy and eye-catching. James Bond would definitely wear this, if he ski toured.

G-SHOCK CPR-H1000-9_08

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