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Invisibility Shield, Sugar Cane Surf Shoes, Everyday Hydration, and More Emerging Gear

Grab your Skratch Labs energy drink, strap on your Swift bikepacking bag and throw on some Free Fly duds: It’s time to look at this week’s new gear.

altra vanish carbon 2Altra's Vanish Carbon 2; (photo/Altra)
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After this year’s solar eclipse on April 8, it won’t be visible again in the U.S. until 2044. That should probably excite more of us than it does, but given the state of the world these days, a little ennui isn’t too surprising.

Thankfully, we’ve got nature to give us perspective — and the sweet gear we use along the way! This week’s Emerging Gear column has something for everyone, from the nostalgia of Astronaut Ice Cream to the modern technology of TAXA tents to colorful new additions to hiking shoes. Peruse the latest offerings, and maybe you’ll find something that inspires you to get outside.

Invisibility Shield 2.0

(Photo/Invisibility Shield Co.)

While we were all distracted by AI, someone was perfecting invisibility. The Invisibility Shield is exactly what it sounds like: a 6-foot-by-4-foot, convex, polycarbonate lens array. Walk behind it and you’ll be almost completely obscured thanks to some physics trickery.

It’s too much to explain here, but you can check out our full story on this wild new device, but suffice to say, the Invisibility Shield requires no electricity, is portable, and is on sale now at Kickstarter.

Kane x Brianna Cope Revive

brianna cope kane shoe
Brianna Cope’s surf shoe collab with Kane; (photo/Kane)

Beach shoes just got cooler with the Kane x Brianna Cope Revive collaboration.

Featuring a design inspired by Brianna’s connection to her home and the ocean, the $85 shoes have an off-white upper for Kauai’s sandy shores, and the blue marble-swirled sole to represent the waves she has surfed since childhood, the company said.

Available in adult sizes M3/W5 to M/18-W20, the shoes are ideal for pre- and post-surf wear. In line with Kane’s commitment to 1% for the Planet, a portion of sales will support the Changing Tides Foundation, empowering women in environmental conservation efforts.

Astronaut Foods Solar Eclipse Glasses

astronaut ice cream solar eclipse glasses

Astronaut Ice Cream special-edition Solar Eclipse Glasses; (photo/Astronaut Foods)

Between the animated X-Men revival and Astronaut Ice Cream’s 50th anniversary, 12-year-old me is going crazy with nostalgia.

To celebrate its half-century of freeze-dried ice cream, the company is offering four classic flavors: Vanilla, Neapolitan, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookies & Cream. (They last for 3 years!) But that’s not all. While lots of companies are offering glasses for the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, I think Astronaut Ice Cream deserves the support.

The company’s special-edition Solar Eclipse Glasses are just $4 each, and say “Ice Cream On A Mission” on them. What more could you want? Make sure to order by April 1 to get your shades in time for the eclipse.

Merrell Moab Speed 2

merrell moab 2
Merrell Moab Speed 2; (photo/Merrell)

Look at the sweet colors on that hiking shoe! I remember when Merrell shoes (and most other outdoor footwear) only seemed to come in brown and green. Thankfully, the days of drab color schemes are behind us.

The Moab Speed 2 hiking shoe arrives just in time for spring hiking, sporting updates to the Vibram outsole and a 30% increase in the foam stack. It’s available in men’s and women’s versions, as well as non-waterproof, GORE-TEX, and Mid GORE-TEX styles.

With 100% recycled laces and webbing, as well as plenty of heel and tongue loops, it looks like a solid hiker. And with a price tag of $140, it’s certainly cheaper than lots of other options.

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Skratch Labs Everyday Drink Mix

skratch labs cyclist
(Photo/Skratch Labs)

Do you wish you could start every day with some Skratch Labs drink mixes? Well, they heard you.

The popular athletic beverage company just dropped its Hydration Everyday Drink Mix, which is unsweetened, sugar-free, and low on calories. Made with electrolytes and a bit of fruit, the blend is designed to support athletes from intense training sessions to shorter workouts or travel. It’s also compatible with other Skratch Labs drink mixes.

Each serving contains 400 mg of sodium, 100 mg of potassium, and other essential electrolytes, with just 10 calories and no sugar or artificial additives. Available in lemon + lime and tangerine + orange flavors, the mix comes in single-serve packs or resealable bags, priced between $1.65 and $28.

Altra Vanish Carbon 2

altra vanish 2
Vanish Carbon 2; (photo/Altra)

Ready, set, get ready for the second edition of Altra’s Vanish Carbon road racing shoe.

The Vanish Carbon 2 has a new, full-length carbon fiber plate. Combined with Altra’s Slim Footshape and zero drop design, it offers a 14% increase in asymmetry for a natural foot strike, the company said. Moreover, a stack height boost from 33mm to 36mm means even more cushion than before.

Available in a sleek white/coral color for both men and women, the Vanish Carbon 2 retails for $260.

Terrain 365 Otter Flip-ATB

terrain 365 otter flip ATB folder knife
Terrain 365 Otter Flip-ATB folder knife; (photo/Terrain 365)

Meet the Terrain 365 Otter Flip-ATB, a rustproof, edge-holding folder knife.

Inspired by the Barlow style, the knife’s swift opening action and bolster-style construction are complemented by the proprietary Terravantium blade alloy to prevent corrosion.

Crafted with a contoured, titanium framelock handle, this folder also has fine jimping. Choose from several options of scale materials, including fat carbon, linen or canvas micarta, carbon fiber, or G10. My personal favorite is the Ultem Amber, but whatever slices your bread. The knives are currently available for purchase from $319 to $359.

TAXA MoonMoth Clamshell

taxa moonmoth clamshell
Taxa MoonMoth Clamshell; (photo/TAXA)

If you love TAXA and are looking for a rooftop tent, they’d like to have a word with you. The brand just rolled out its first-ever rooftops: the MoonMoth Clamshell and MoonMoth Foldout. These tents are tailored for use with TAXA habitats and nearly any vehicle.

The MoonMoth Clamshell offers efficient, aluminum hard-shell construction, sleeping space for two to three campers on a 2-inch foam mattress, and a setup time of 1 minute or less. Priced at $2,900, it’s got weather-resistant materials, ventilation windows, and compatibility with TAXA’s Woolly Bear series.

On the other hand, the MoonMoth Foldout provides quick setup for two to three adults, a 2-inch foam mattress, and panoramic views. Priced at $3,000, it’s designed for comfort and offers compatibility with TAXA’s Mantis, TigerMoth, and Woolly Bear series.

Free Fly Lightweight Apparel

free fly collection
(Photo/Free Fly)

Free Fly, your go-to source of specialized fishing apparel, has dropped several sweet new threads, including the Elevate Lightweight Hoodie, All Day Pocket Legging, and Reverb Shorts. The collection has a new fabric with enhanced sun protection and quick-dry properties, the company said, and includes tees, tanks, and hoodies priced from $48 to $78.

The All Day Pocket Legging now comes in a 6” Pocket Short version and a 7/8 legging length, priced at $64 and $94, respectively. These leggings offer high waist support and deep pockets. The new Reverb Shorts, suitable for both men and women, boast quick-dry and water-resistant fabric, with prices ranging from $68 to $74. They’re designed for athletic activities, swimming, or casual wear.

Swift Gemini Cargo Pack

gemini cargo bag swift industries
Gemini Cargo Bag; (photo/Swift Industries)

With the Gemini Cargo Pack, Swift Industries has designed a sleek new addition to your bikepacking kit, priced at $70 each.

The pack aims for stable packability (and a sweet aesthetic) for fork-mounted bikepacking bags. The rigid canister design ensures secure attachment to the fork cage, maintaining stability even when filled, the company said.

Velcro attachment straps help secure the bag onto the fork cage. Tailored to accommodate a 1L backpacking pot and propane canister, the Gemini Cargo Pack also has vertical webbing daisy chains on either side. It’s made from 100% recycled polyester, has a capacity ranging from 3L to 4L, and it weighs 0.55 pounds, 8.7 ounces.

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