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Inflatable eFoil, Hologram Cycling, 3D-Printed Sneaker, and More Emerging Gear

We’ve got some high-tech innovations in the showcase this week, including cool new stuff for water sports, running, and cycling.

blowfish lift e-foils(Photo/Lift Foils)
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Do you feel like everything worth inventing has already been invented? Sometimes I feel the same. But then I see this random guy racing above the water with a doggie friend, and all I can think is: Yeah, I want to do that.

The truth is there has never been a better time to explore the world of outdoor gear. New options catering to specific needs get dropped all the time, and you’ll find them right here in Emerging Gear.

Blowfish eFoil Inflatable

blowfish efoil lift foils
The Blowfish, an inflatable eFoil add-on; (photo/Lift Foils)

I’ve never had the opportunity to try an eFoil, but there’s no denying that they look fun. If you haven’t heard of these gadgets, they’re small boards with a hydrofoil on the bottom for propulsion.

Thanks to the growing use of inflatables, they’re also more flexible and easier to use than ever. Or at least that’s the idea behind the Blowfish, a new accessory just released by Lift Foils. This $600 inflatable adds buoyancy to the brand’s eFoils, making it possible to fish, snorkel, or dive while using the futuristic board. It’s also supposedly easier to use for beginners.

Compatible with LIFT4, LIFT3, and LIFT3 F models in both 4’9″ and 5’4″ sizes, the Blowfish package includes the Blowfish Inflatable, a dual-action pump, a mesh bag attachment, a repair kit, and a premium storage backpack. Of course, you’ll need an eFoil to use it. The LIFT 3F, for example, still costs $9,000.

Saga HoloBike


Whenever anyone says the word “hologram,” my brain always leaps back to childhood, when the coolest thing in the entire world was my holographic Wolverine trading card.

So when I came across the HoloBike on Kickstarter, it immediately piqued my interest. Saga’s indoor cycling device includes a screen that projects 3D holograms. It aims to simulate the experience of cycling through diverse virtual landscapes without the need for VR headsets.

Developed by a former Google VR researcher, the HoloBike features a 20 teraflop Nvidia GPU for advanced graphics processing. I have no idea what that means, but it does sound impressive.

Saga is currently accepting preorders on Kickstarter. The price tag starts at $2,600.

Vessel Athletics Hydroshirt


The basic running kit isn’t that complicated. You’ve got the clothes and shoes on your body, and maybe a hydration pack — that’s it. But, wait! What if your shirt was the hydration pack?

That’s what Vessel Athletics had in mind when it designed the aptly named Hydroshirt, which attempts to combine these seemingly uncombinable pieces of gear. The shirt incorporates a removable, 1L water bladder within a concealed pouch on the back.

It’s also got a removable insulated sleeve to keep the water cool. Some other common features of hydration vests — like a magnetic clip for the straw — are here as well. Prices on Kickstarter start around $100.

Luno Air+Foam Pro Camping Mattress

Luno_AIR+FOAM mattress

If you want an extra comfy car mattress, this one sure looks soporific to me.

To be fair, Luno says its new AIR+FOAM PRO Camping Mattress works for tents as well, but this nascent brand set its sights specifically on car camping. Priced at $280, the mattress has a hybrid construction of air and perforated open-cell foam, enclosed in protective layers for enhanced comfort. It also incorporates new patented head support bridge attachments.

That should help keep you comfy for car camping. The AIR+FOAM PRO packs down to 26″ x 7″ with a thickness of 4″. A perforated foam allows for self-inflation within minutes, according to Luno, and the mattress can also be quickly inflated with any air pump. It’s available for preorder and expected to ship in early June.

Deckers X Lab 3D-Printed X-SCAPE 3D

deckers x lab x-scape 3d
(Photo/Andrew McLemore)

If you haven’t tried out kicks from Deckers X Lab, you are missing out on some seriously cool shoes. The brand’s director, Jean-Luc Diard, founded HOKA (which you’ve probably heard of) and now uses Deckers X Lab to churn out inventive new designs.

I loved hiking in the Enduro Max, so I was stoked to try out the X-SCAPE “Super Sneaker” for daily life and 10-mile runs in Atlanta parks. The shoe’s big feature is the 3D-printed midsole shell, which is then combined with super foam filler. That results in a durable suspension system “customized to each phase of the user’s stride,” the brand said.

I’m no engineer, but I can say that the $150 X-SCAPE feels supportive and powerful over long runs. It’s also one of the prettiest shoes I’ve worn, and the eye-catching aesthetic certainly resulted in more than a few double-takes from other runners. However, the perforations on the bottom may look cool, but they’re also tough to clean out, so I’d stay away from the dirt in these.

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KC Gravity Titan LED Light Bar

Gravity-Titan led lights

If you’re in need of off-road lighting options, the KC Gravity Titan LED Lights are worth a look.

Starting at $1,150 for the 20″ version, the Gravity Titan light bar has dual power modes, including an Amber LED Dust Light for low-visibility conditions and a High-Power Mode for nights on the trail.

KC also included Pass-Through Front Cooling and 3-Source LED Optics for improved temperature management and comprehensive lighting coverage. A patented ring system allows for customizable setup, while KC’s MoistureBlock Technology prevents water ingress, ensuring durability and a secure connection, according to the brand.

On x Post Archive Faction

ox x PAF collab

South Korean style meets Swiss design in this interesting new collaboration. Swiss company On just launched a capsule that blends its performance sportswear with the urban flavors of South Korean brand Post Archive Faction.

The Current Form 1.0 collection includes the X Breaker Jacket, priced at $220, and the Flow Running Pant, available for $180, as well as shorts and shirts. It also includes the $160 Cloudmonster 2 sneaker, inspired by Switzerland’s Limmat River, as experienced by designer Dongjoon.

Rumpl Thjorsa Puffy Blanket

rumpl blanket iceland
(Photo/Evan Ruderman)

Now that’s what I call a pretty blanket!

Rumpl has collaborated with celebrated photographer Chris Burkard to release the Thjorsa Original Puffy Blanket, featuring a detailed print of Iceland’s glacial river systems drawn from Burkard’s aerial photography.

It’s made entirely from post-consumer recycled polyester, both for its shell and insulation. It’s also stain and water-resistant, Rumpl said. The limited-edition item sells for $125 and supports environmental conservation, with 100% of proceeds going to The Conservation Alliance.

Douentza GTO Pant

gto pant


Another new brand, Douentza makes performance apparel for men. It just launched its first product: a pair of performance pants dubbed the GTO Pant.

Currently discounted to $100, these tech chinos blend practicality with a rugged aesthetic, offering durability and style, the brand said. Named after a small truckstop town in Mali, West Africa — considered the gateway to the Sahara — Douentza’s pants aim for a stylistic alternative to many of the “clean,” yoga-inspired designs of many other brands.

Sounds like they’re worth a try!

Tifosi Optics Salto & Selca

salto tifosi optics sunglasses
The Salto shades; (photo/Tifosi Optics)

Tifosi Optics has announced the release of two new aviator sunglasses, the Salto and Selca, both with bio-based frames and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Available starting May 1, 2024, both models are designed for everyday use and outdoor sports.

The Salto and Selca are the first aviators from Tifosi to use Thrive Frames, which are made from castor bean oil. They also incorporate hydrophilic rubber nosepieces and Tifosi Glide technology to prevent them from falling off during intense movements.

The Salto offers a squared frame design, while the Selca has a classic rounded aviator style. These sunglasses are priced starting at $35, with polarized versions available for $60.

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