Deep Impact: 10 Small Brands That Give Back

Water-purification brand Lifestraw asked us to tell the world about small brands that give back, like itself. These 10 companies aren’t big, but they give huge to good causes around the world.  Brought to you by Lifestraw.

Lifestraw Steel Personal Water Filter

Oliberte: Fair Trade Certified

Oliberte created its own factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where it manufactures Fair Trade Certified footwear. Profits from every product sold are reinvested in Africa to create jobs.


LuminAID: Give Light, Get Light

LuminAID makes portable lights and lanterns for adventure outdoors. Its Give Light, Get Light initiative works to provide free rechargeable lighting products to countries that need it most.


Solavore: Solavore Works

Solar ovens provide a safe alternative to indoor, wood-fired stoves that produce harmful amounts of smoke. Solavore uses its profits to create affordable solar oven distribution channels in countries where women are traditionally tasked to work with polluting, labor-intensive stoves.


BioLite: Energy Everywhere

Campers can buy innovative stoves and lanterns from BioLite. The company then works in sub-Sarahan Africa and India, investing its profits in these off-grid locales to develop energy-smart technology. Its model is unique in that it is less philanthropic, and more developmental- and market-oriented.