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Brooks’ ‘More Than a Store’ Series Highlights Diversity in Running Stores Across Country

This series is the perfect example of what an inclusive running community looks like.

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‘More Than a Store’ focuses on three run-specialty shops owned by people of color. The whole idea behind the film series is to encourage more conversations around the topic of diversity — but from an ownership level. Each episode looks at their story, and how much of an impact that creates in local communities.

In recent years, there’s been an outpouring of individuals, brands, sponsored athletes, and even race series working to promote more diversity in the sport — but “More Than a Store” shares those same discussions from the retail side.

The series looks at the founding inspirations for three running store owners:

To sum it up: Retailers play a big part in fostering local communities — whether it’s running, biking, or anything else.

Runtime: 9-12 minutes per film

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