Running Toward Spirituality: Hakim Tafari’s Powerful Self Journey

‘What I’ve learned is you’re either running away from something or running to something,’ this runner says. Arguably, running is never just running — it’s about something more.

Hakim Tafari’s journey from a fast life in the music industry to trail running in L.A. has been a long one. Once a music promoter living a fast-paced life, Hakim’s health started to decline. He was forced to seek out medical attention and met a Buddhist at a clinic, who told him he needed to change his diet before it was too late.

“It was the biggest wakeup call I’ve ever had,” said Tafari, who now leads a completely different lifestyle — pioneering a combination of meditation and mindfulness with trail running. “Buddhism taught me that silence brings insight and insight brings clarity … And running became for me, a way to be free,” Tafari added.

After an inspiring event teaching a Big Sky Guided Meditation in Chiapas, Mexico, Tafari not only continues to practice his Zen-inspired beliefs, but also passes along his knowledge and experiences to others. And of course, he enjoys running.

“[I’m] making a lot of waves in the fact that there’s not many folks teaching mindfulness and running. My role in this body, is to really bring an awareness of mindfulness, culture [and] race.”

Those inspired by Tafari’s spiritual journey can get a free mini crash course with Hakim Tafari himself. Check out “Meditation and Mindfulness” with Hakim Tafari online.

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