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Kick Ball As You Run? Wood ‘Bole’ A Tarahumara Game

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[leadin]Running becomes a team sport, inspired by the renowned Tarahumara ‘super athletes’ with these 3-inch, wooden kicking balls.[/leadin]

BOLE balls

The game is simple: two teams, each with their own ball, set a distance or end location and try to be the first to kick their 5-ounce, solid maple BOLE ball to the finish.

Made in America, BOLE (pronounced boh-lee) balls are a simple, striking way to take your mind off the task and focus on the game.

An Ancient Game

The concept draws from the Tarahumara people of the Copper Canyon region in northwestern Mexico who have become famous for their ability to run up to 200 miles a day while hunting.

The Tarahumara play a similar game called rarájipari, which also uses a small wooden ball.

BOLE ball

It’s not necessary to play in teams; you could just as easily take your BOLE ball on a jog. According to the company, BOLE balls are made to have “moderate roll” on grass or dirt. They are made to not roll away on smooth surfaces, like paths and trails.

The balls are available in three colors – red, blue, and yellow – and are dyed, sanded, and sealed by hand. Each costs $25 and ships for free.

BOLE guarantees the balls for as long as you own them – they are made of the same hardwood as bowling alleys. If somehow it breaks, the company will replace it at no charge.

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Obviously, you could just as easily kick a soccer ball or baseball down the road, but the simple hand-crafted finish, durability, and novelty of the BOLE ball is an interesting addition to any runner’s gear arsenal.

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