‘Type 2’ Fun: Movie Explores Our Love of ‘Sufferfests’

Artists and multimedia creators Mythical State Of just released a mind-bending movie on the topic of latent fun. We know this better as the ‘sufferfest.’

The crew interviewed scientists, rabbis, nutritionists, anthropologists, and even Jungian dream therapists. Their question: Why do people postpone gratification? The feature-length documentary also followed a “control group” of athletes training for and racing the Dirty Kanza.

Did they answer why humans are compelled to push their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional limits without causation? See for yourself.


Julie Kailus

Associate editor Julie Kailus has spent a career covering people, places, and products in the outdoor industry. Julie can be found testing the latest and greatest in her favorite activities — trail running, mountain biking, swimming, snowboarding, and the underrated endurance sport of chasing two sons around the mountains.

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