Under Armour true wireless ear buds

Max Data: Under Armour Headphones Pair With Shoes, Watch, Phone

In a partnership with JBL and Samsung, Under Armour launches the True Wireless Flash headphones. UA claims it has perfected the integrated digital running experience to make you a better athlete.

At CES last week, Under Armour announced it will solve problems for runners with a “seamless ecosystem” of products to enhance running performance and the overall running experience. But what the heck does that mean?

under armour true wireless

Basically, maps, data, virtual coaching, music, and anything else you can dream up will be piped right into your ear.

The announcement comes in tandem with Under Armour’s new running-specific earbud, the UA True Wireless Flash headphones, which the brand released at CES.

All of these products already existed in some form from various brands. But this is the first time a brand has integrated them all into what it’s marketing as an “ecosystem.”

UA MapMyRun App

under armour map my run

Runners can now use the UA MapMyRun app to provide real-time coaching and feedback during a run. Add the Under Armour HOVR Connected footwear for in-depth analysis of form and advanced running metrics.

With the direct pairing of the UA HOVR shoes and the updated MapMyRun App via the Samsung Galaxy Watch, runners can leave the smartphone at home. MapMyRun stores the data to check out later.

under armour hovr shoes digital running ecosystem

The shoes have 360 degrees of reflectivity, carbon-infused rubber for durability, an anatomical outsole, gender-specific fit, and soft foam combined with a dynamic mesh for energy return.

Finally, the UA True Wireless Flash headphones seamlessly connect to devices. So the user can listen to music or audio coaching feedback directly in the ear.

These products easily connect. They also work together to provide runners with data and feedback.

Under Armour True Wireless Flash Headphones

Under Armour claims its True Wireless Flash headphones have “Stormproof” waterproof protection, JBL Charged Sound, Flex Fit Sport ear tips, and Bionic Hearing with Ambient Aware for outdoor safety and awareness.

Under Armour earbuds ces true wireless

After an initial setup to your phone, UA HOVR Connected shoes automatically pair to the UA MapMyRun app on the Galaxy Watch, with no additional setup required. And all of these pair to the headphones.

Then, you get real-time feedback on gait, cadence, stride, pace, and more. The shoe and the headphones are the main UA-branded products at CES. But the iconic brand also told the story of a new fitness ecosystem for runners, and how shoes and wearables can now work together to enhance a runner’s performance.

“Under Armour is excited to continue elevating our partnerships with world-class technology and experience experts Samsung and JBL, with the introduction of a new seamless ecosystem designed for the runner, by the runner,” said Jim Mollica, SVP of global consumer engagement and digital at Under Armour.

“We know that music is an integral part of training for runners and can provide the inspiration and focus they need to take their workouts to the next level. That’s why we’ve developed products that are easy to use together and also provide a premium run experience that naturally integrates sound and data,” said Mollica.

A Complex Tech System Integrated

Runners know that adding tech often means more buttons to push, more gizmos to charge, and more potential for annoyance. But the “ecosystem” concept aims to simplify the very complex technology.

It puts essential running tools into a single, integrated platform. It connects the key components of a workout through the MapMyRun app.

The updated UA HOVR running footwear will be available on Feb. 1, 2019. Find the new MapMyRun experience on the app store. The UA True Wireless Flash headphones are available now for $169, which includes a complimentary 12-month MapMyRun Premium membership.