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Grow Beard, Plant Trees

Make way, Movember, facial hair is tackling climate change, deforestation, and conservation.

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The Aussies are renowned for their harrowing icons of manliness — from Steve Irwin, to Crocodile Dundee, to this guy who punched a kangaroo in the face.

But true manliness isn’t just about leaping before you look, it’s about being a conscientious steward of the natural world.

And growing a totally gnarly beard, of course.

Enter BeardsOn, an Australian non-profit dedicated to raising money and awareness for ecological conservation through a 90-day money-raising challenge. The schtick? Stop shaving, grow that beautiful mane, and get sponsors to help fund tree-planting efforts.

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BeardsOn Planting Trees

The campaign runs 90 days during the winter months. But it’s an Aussie organization, so that’s North America’s summers — June 1 through Aug. 31. Still, if you can stand a little sweat, your flavor-saver could be part of massive global reforestation.

In its first year, 2014, BeardsOn put down roots for 1,000 trees. In 2015, it helped plant 10,000. The count for 2016 is over 27,000.

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Starting 2017 and extending for the next 23 years, it will partner with the 4040 Rainforest Challenge. The new goal is to plant 40 million trees by 2040.

Brands are also getting wise to the chin curtain’s potential. This month, Tentsile donated hanging tents to support a BeardsOn-sponsored planting effort at Barrine Park Nature Refuge in Northern Queensland. Australia is now 3,000 trees richer.

Ready, Get Set, Grow!

To take part you can sign up individually or with a friend group. Create a team or personal profile (be sure to update the fuzz’s progress) so donors can support your cookie duster.

beardson beard conservation

BeardsOn allocates the money you raise to approved grants aimed at conservation and tree-planting initiatives, to the tune of one tree per $2. If you know of, or have a qualifying organization, you can complete a grant application here.

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Whether you have wispy whiskers or a full-on trash stash, your beard can protect habitats, fight climate change, and help grow great things.

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