Mules, Squirrels, Archery, Family: An Arkansas Renaissance Man’s Story

The latest film from First Lite features Clay Newcomb, an Arkansan with a bevy of talents that stretch from mule wrangling to running a publication about bear hunting.

The hunting world often skews West in terms of visuals and storylines. In a refreshing turn, First Lite‘s film “Newcomb” shines the light on northwest Arkansas, where a fella named Clay Newcomb calls the Ozarks home with his family.

This 11-minute film spotlights a few of the parts that make up the whole for Newcomb. From his start with mules to his acquisition of Bear Hunting Magazine, the story takes a jaunty view of a well-rounded — if squirrel-hunting-specialized — life.

And it’s wholesome. Like, really wholesome. Newcomb’s dedication to family first is an endearing highlight of the short film.

Catch the short feel-good film above or on First Lite’s YouTube channel.

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Nicole Qualtieri

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